What is the first step in receiving painting services?

After contacting BBM Services by phone (602-300-1221) or email (bbmservices@mail.com), we will promptly send a manager to your location for a free on-site consultation. At this point, we will gather all necessary information in order to provide you with an economic quote as quickly as possible. Our estimate includes all materials and labor, pricing and work specifications.  

When will the painting begin?

After you have met with our team to provide all the necessary details, we generally begin painting 1-5 business days after receiving the quote depending on availability. We aim to provide you quick and headache free services; therefore, we open to scheduling arrangements upon request. 

What type of paint is used?

BBM Services only uses top tier paint in all of our projects. We aim for the highest quality brands paint, use top notch paint equipment and aim for 100% satisfaction from all customers.